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June 20th, 2015

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Forget your lower back pain today

June 18th, 2015

When Joseph Pilates developed the now famous fitness system during the early 20th century, he perhaps never thought that even after several centuries it would still be relevant and popular.   Pilates originally termed the system as ‘contrology’ as it improved one’s control over his own body. But nowadays it is known under his own name ‘Pilates’. As a term it is recognizable all over the world.  Especially in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, the Pilates system is extremely popular.  In both the countries several million are practicing Pilates on a regular basis with help from thousands of instructors.  Those who are suffering from pain in the joints, lack of flexibility in the body etc. and has tried a lot of things without getting any kind of significant result, should definitely try doing Pilates. However it is important to practice the system under the guidance and supervision of a trained instructor in order to get the best results. If you do it wrong you will not get result and more so, you can hurt yourself. So, first find a good instructor and then try Pilates for lower back pain. A large number of people swear to have found relief from acute lower back pain with the help of Pilates.

The main thing that separates reformer pilates from any other exercise program is that biomechanical-assessmentwith Pilates, the result you get is not limited to one body part. It will improve you overall condition and will make you more   aware about your own body than you ever were.  It will help you strike a better posture. Wrong posture is one of the main reasons for many of the pain and ache problems that people suffer from. It will also give the following benefits-

·         Strengthens the core – the core is the area of the body around the abdomen and back.  The muscles of this region of the body determine the body’s posture. Pilates makes the core stronger and more flexible than before.

  • Increases body control – although there are different parts, the body is after all one unit and you should be able function that unit smoothly. Pilates teach you about how to improve body movement.  This actually reduces the chances of injury because all muscles of your body will improve together.

·         Another great thing about doing Pilates is that it helps improve the blood circulation in the body. When blood flows to the organs and to the muscles in the proper way, they function better and it makes you feel great.

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